How Long Does a House Concrete Slab Last?

Poured concrete block footings and slab foundations can last for a lifetime, from 80 to 100 years or more, if they are built with quality. A concrete slab foundation with a block base can last for more than one service life, provided it is designed properly. To ensure the longevity of the slab foundation, it is important to conduct termite testing every 12 years and have quarterly pest control and annual termite inspection. A concrete slab base is usually installed on a property that has been properly graded.

Spaulding Concrete's experts are experienced in providing quality services on time and within budget. The base of the slab is a large, thick concrete slab that is usually 4" to 6" thick in the center and is poured all at once. Even the thinnest foundations will not last forever, including those made of concrete. To determine how long the concrete will last, it is important to consider the environment, the installation process, the concrete used and the climate of the area.

Slab foundations are more common in southern states with warm climates, where soil is less likely to freeze and cause foundations to crack. The longevity of a concrete building also depends on its foundation.

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