Protecting Your Concrete Foundation: A Comprehensive Guide

The installation of a downspout, gutter guard and drainage tile is essential for waterproofing concrete foundations for each season. To optimize the drainage potential of these solutions, use a rough aggregate material such as gravel in the installation process. Waterproofing materials are not designed to cover large gaps or honeycombs, so you'll need to fill them with non-shrinking grout or patch cement. Smaller gaps and shape tie holes can be patched with trowel grade putty.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that any material used for the patch is compatible with the waterproofing product. Grout is a common way to repair foundations. This mixture of cement, sand and fine gravel can penetrate cracks and prevent damage from worsening. It provides a tight seal, keeps moisture at bay and strengthens existing concrete in the surrounding area. After inspecting the walls of the foundation for cracks larger than ¼ or 6 mm, apply a waterproofing barrier.

Before doing so, make sure to remove dirt, loose or weak materials and any type of substance that may prevent the waterproof system from working. There are several systems that can be selected for waterproofing bases, such as bitumen-modified felts, cementitious coating systems, elastomeric systems and more. A properly constructed concrete base will not only provide structural stability but also prevent moisture from eroding walls or entering to create an environment where mold and pests can thrive. Although house foundations are essentially large concrete slabs built to last, changes in the surrounding environment can result in damage over time. The application of waterproofing material during construction provides the most reliable and durable protection. If your base begins to show signs of problems after years of service, applying a waterproofing product at the first symptom of problems can prevent the situation from worsening.

Contact your local concrete company to learn more about the best products and methods to maintain a strong foundation for your home. It goes without saying that before implementing any work on waterproofing concrete foundations, drainage must be implemented. For cracks that are not expanding and do not require repair by a structural engineer, you can order foundation repair supplies from concrete companies.

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