Reviving Old Concrete Floors: What You Need to Know

When it comes to reviving old concrete floors, there are a few options available. From filling in cracks and joints to applying an acrylic or acid-based stain, there are a variety of ways to make your floor look like new. If your concrete has too many imperfections to polish, you can opt for a concrete overlay. This is a thin layer of specialized concrete that is poured over your existing concrete floor.

As long as the floor is structurally sound, coating it with a concrete layer is the best way to disguise stains and cracks. This method also allows you to polish the concrete to the exact color, texture, and finish desired by the customer, providing a modern and luxurious floor. Untreated slabs are much more likely to stain than concrete that has been polished, stained, or sealed. Tinted concrete floors are relatively easy, but they give you freedom of expression in several color combinations. And because concrete is porous, the stain will seep below the surface and therefore won't fade, chip, or peel off.

We recommend that a retailer inspect the condition of your concrete floor to ensure that it is suitable for polishing. Self-leveling overlays, such as self-leveling concrete, are among the most common types of concrete overlays. Another cost-effective method to rejuvenate and improve old concrete is with our CCS Colour Master Sealer Tint system. Polished concrete is ideal for interior floors and is available in low, medium or high gloss reflectivity that requires little maintenance and is extremely durable. A concrete bonding liquid is an effective adhesive for holding the patch in place, but the correct patch material depends on the depth of the hole. If you're suffering more significant damage, a concrete screed is often the most effective option because it can make your floor look like new. By coating the concrete with an opaque, UV-resistant color wash, the sealing system penetrates the surface and maintains the natural texture of the concrete while protecting it from oil, grease and tire marks.

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