Do Concrete Slab Foundations Crack? - An Expert's Perspective

Concrete slabs are a common foundation for many homes and buildings, and it is not uncommon to find cracks in them. While these cracks may be alarming, they are usually harmless and do not indicate a structural problem. In most cases, these are shrinkage cracks that formed when the concrete cured. However, if the crack is large or growing, it may be a sign of a more serious issue.

In the Dallas, Fort Worth, TX area, cracks in concrete slabs can cause damage and often require foundation repair. If the crack is getting bigger and bigger, it is important to consider how you can fix the cracked foundation slab. Structural cracks in cement slab foundations can adversely affect various parts of the overlying structure, leading to bent walls with disfiguring cracks and crevices, sloping buildings and broken floors with uneven or undulating surfaces. The most effective solution to combat this is to use foundation springs or carbon fiber patches to structurally reinforce cracked concrete.

This seals the crack and ensures that it does not worsen over time. In severe cases, foundation shoring using pillars may be necessary to hold the foundation in place and provide better protection against future damage. In addition to foundation settlement, there are other factors that can cause concrete slabs to crack. Ambient temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the lack of a protected environment for concrete placement and finishing (closed building) can contribute to hinder the production of quality concrete. The rapid evaporation of extra water from the concrete mix will shrink the drying solution, which will cause the formation of cracks or cracks on concrete floors.

The decay of tree roots will create foci of weakness under the foundations of buildings on which their concrete slabs will settle and develop areas of rupture. It is important to note that while 95% of cracks in concrete are harmless, early detection and repairs will ensure that they do not require expensive foundation repair methods. If you notice any signs of cracking in your concrete slab foundation, it is best to contact a professional for an assessment as soon as possible.

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